Alexis M

05-10-23 | 9:54
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Second All Black Sendak

I have a tearjerker of a story . So back in 2018 I went to Quebec for the first time to see all

My favorite cousins and their kids . Family of about 20 just in Quebec . My lovely niece had just graduated and she’s the only female in that huge family of males . She knows 4 languages and super smart . I had lost both my grandparents the prior year and my good job with the Gov and was well feeling shitty at that time . Trip was already paid for but I didn’t have a gift for her . I recall she kept looking at my Sendak which was fairly new . I knew she loved it . So I gave it her her and she smiled so much I forgot my shortcomings . Anyway I told myself I would get one again one day and I did ! Peg and Awl are so close to

My heart because they keep me close to art and well made things we take for granted . Thank you guys for making one my favorite holder of all things artsy !! You guys truly make the best bags!!!